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         A student that feels cared for, safe, and encouraged to excel. A student that is empathetic, respectful and that lives with integrity.  A staff and community that provide the framework.


Mission Statement

         We exist to create bonds with young people, then ensure that these students learn... English, academics, and also how to live a life with self-worth and integrity.


Beliefs and Values

        We believe in each individual's right to learn.  We believe that students learn best when they feel a sense of belonging to their school, so we strive to create bonds with each of them. We believe that "we are how we treat each other".  We foster community involvement, volunteerism and living with a sense of service.  We strive to create a safe, caring learning environment that promotes empathy and attachment.



At ASJ and St. Patrick's, our vision and mission statement are more than words on a page.  They are a way of being.

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