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St. Patrick's and A.S. Johnson offer a general academic path with extra time allocated to Math and English learning.  This path is supplemented by sports and the arts.  For 15 year olds, we are extremely proud to offer 3 alternate educational paths that we call "Pathways".


Our Pathways program offers 3 alternative paths for students looking for an alternative to the General Academic Path.  Each of these is outlined below.  For more information on any of these programs, we encourage you to call the school.


The Work Oriented Training Path is a one year program that combines the core academics (Math, English, and French at the Secondary 2 level) with Preparation for the Job Market and Preparation for a Semi-Skilled Trade.  Students also perform 375hours of work stage. Successful completion of the work stage leads to a Certificate in a Semi-Skilled Trade.


The 15+ program is designed for students working at the Secondary 3 level and are interested in learning more about the professional  trades.  These students study Math, English and French.  They also take Explo (Exploration of Professional Trades), POP (Personal Orientation Project), Physical Education and a course in the Arts.  Upon completion of the program, students may move into a professional studies program, into the 24U program, or return to the general path.


24U students are in a concomitant program.  They work simultaneously on their secondary school diploma  and on a professional trade diploma.  These students work two days per week at ASJ on Math, English and French at the Secondary 4 level, and follow a trade program at the Commission Scolaire des Appalaches 3 days per week.  Upon successful completion of Secondary 5 English and French and Secondary 4 Math, and the completion of their professional trade course, the student receives both diplomas.  

Students wishing to enter the WOTP program must not have accumulated secondary 2 credits in any of the core courses.

Students wishing to enter the 15+ program must have passed at least 2 of the 3 core courses at the secondary 2 level.

Students wishing to enter the 24U program must have passed all core courses at the secondary 3 level.

More detailed information is available by setting up a meeting with our Pathways Team. Go to Contact Us.

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