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Construction of the Andrew Stuart Johnson School building began in September 1958, and the community gathered to lay the cornerstone on April 29, 1959.

The first principal was Mr. Stuart Hodge and there were 9 teachers on staff for 195 students.  These ranged from grade 1 to Secondary 5.

Prior to 1959, Thetford High School occupied various locations, from Mitchell to Notre Dame S Streets.

Over the years, and with the deconfessionalization of schools, St. Patrick's School and ASJ fused. This required the construction of an addition to the original ASJ building.  In 1992 a major addition was built in order to welcome back elementary students to the original building - St. Patrick's Elementary School.

A more complete history is currently being developed, this page will be updated in the near future.  Check back often!

Another addition to the building occured in 2004-2005.  This included two second-floor classrooms and the Room of Champions, named after Maxime Mercier. Today, our combined schools host 250 students.

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