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Conseil Muniscolaire Thetford Mines

Congratulations to Elizabeth Dostie and Kayla Gagné for representing St. Patrick's on the Conseil Muniscolaire Thetford Mines.  They presented their brief to the municipal council this week.  You can read their recommendations here.

Recycling Center Visit

While studying recycling in class, Grades 3 and 4 recently visited the Thetford Mines Recycling Center. 

             ASJ/St.Patrick's recognized as CLC!


Our schools are now designated as community learning centers!  What does this mean in a real sense?  Very simply, it signifies our return to "The School is the Heart of the Community".  Very soon, we will have a project development officer working at school to support programs addressing academic enrichment, recreation and social needs of students, parents and our community.  For more info, see CLC link under fundraising!

Pathways Coop receives grant


The Pathways students have an entrepreneurial project underway, a student coop.  Its progress got a significant boost with a $500 grant from Caisses Desjardins. Here, M. Cliche is handing the cheque to Mr. Castonguay!

Poetry Slam


This year saw the return of our ASJ Poetry Slam.

Students performed in both English and French. Thanks to Ms. Scott, Ms. Boulanger, Ms. Brown and Ms. Gagnon for providing this opportunity to our students and bringing back this inspiring event! A student performance may be seen on the Arts page.



After much work by our SPES volunteers, our PBS Paws Store reopened this fall in its new location.  Thanks to Ms. Fontaine and all our student workers!
Crime Scene Investigation!


Recently, grade 2 investigated a crime scene as part of an ELA project.  Students observed the crime scene and took notes, then questioned a variety of school personnel!  Will they solve the crime?  I sure hope so!  The last word was that Ms. Pouliot may have been the number one suspect!

Community Service


Volunteering and service are fundamental values promoted at our school.  Recently our students served a community supper at the Café L'espèrence.  Over 60 meals were served, all prepared by Rev. James Barber and his staff.

From grade 4 through Secondary 5, we have 113 volunteers working in the school and community.  Out of a possible 155!  These students are volunteers in the true sense, in that it is not part of a program requirement.

Congrats to Kayla Gagné, whose dance troupe won the nationals this April in Charlevoix in the contemporary dance category!

CQSB Basketball Tournament


For the 4th year in a row, our Lady Falcons brought back the banner, winning by 8pts in the finals over Maclean Memorial.  Congrats! 


Congrats to the

boys team for

reaching the finals. 

We're proud of you!

Reading Buddies


Our St. Patrick's teachers create regular opportunities for multi-level exchange and interaction.

Here, we have grade 6 students and grade 2 students reading to each other.



Grade 1 readers?  You bet!  Ms. Robin's students have been reading to Mr. Renaud every day over the past few weeks!  And... wow, they're good!

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