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Friends of the School

Stéphane Quesnel representing Enfant Santé, an organization that has donated 7500$ to the schools over the last 3 years!

Graydon Lowry, representing the Orange Lodge, presenting a cheque for 500$ to help our breakfast program.

Outdoor Classroom Project

Stéphane Morin and Stéphane Quesnel, representing the Ligue de Golf Kia-Maxima, presenting a cheque for $250 to support our breakfast prograam.

There were many partners that came together to build our outdoor classroom!  Since its completion in the fall of 2015, students have enjoyed many fires, singing, reading and toasted marshmellows!  Thanks to everyone that helped make this project a reality! A special thanks goes out to Bob Johnston for his dedication to this project.


Note: to see the final product, you need to come visit us!

Our builders:

Manuel Boudreault

Andy Byrns

Larry Giroux

Steve Gourde

Bob Johnston

Graydon Lowry

Stephen Renaud


Our partners:



Guy Fortin

René Leclerc

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