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School Foundation

The idea of establishing a school foundation was first discussed in 1990 by Peter Whitcomb (then principal), Marika Smith (school commissioner), Gloria Trépanier (school committee), Margaret Kovacs, Aline Visser and Phyllis Robinson (teachers). 

The foundation was formed in 1991 thanks to the work of George Bey (Marika Smith's brother), and applied for charitable status in 1992 under the name: Le Fonds de l'Education Anglaise de Thetford Mines.


The St. Patrick's Elementary and A.S. Johnson High School Foundation became a reality on January 1, 1993, thanks to the generous assistance of Marika Bey Smith and George Bey.


The current chair is Peter Whitcomb.


Over the past 10 years, the school foundation has donated over 127,000$ to our schools! 


Some prominent examples:


  • $9000 - Hot Lunch and Breakfast Program

  • $6000 - Leveled Literacy Program

  • $13000 - Academic Awards

  • $11000 - Theatre and Art Productions

  • $26000 - Computers, Projectors, Smart Boards

  • $10000 - Playground

  • $27000 - Sports Fund: Backboards, Uniforms, Golf Tournament

  • $20000 - Library

  • $11000 - Maxime Mercier Room of Champions

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