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LEARN’s Network of Community Schools, known as Community Learning Centres (CLC Schools), have a dual role in Quebec: student perseverance and community vitality. In CLC Schools, a dedicated coordinator works closely with school principals and staff to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with community-based organizations, municipalities, local businesses, families, and community members.

These partnerships result in support to community and school improvement through enhanced access to recreational, educational, social, and cultural opportunities for youth, families, and the English-speaking community

at large.


In 2014, CLC Schools became part of LEARN, a non-profit organization that serves the

public and private Anglophone, and Aboriginal, Youth and Adult Education sectors of

Québec. LEARN’s Network of Community Schools (CLCs) bring together the expertise and

efforts of educators, students, parents, and partners in our community to cultivate success

for all learners.

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