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     ASJ Rules, Regulations, Guidelines



Students are expected to demonstrate Falcon PRIDE


Proactive Learning






The Code of Conduct is applicable at school and during all related school events and



We strive to develop the following qualities in our students:


Proactive Learning

-        We expect our students to actively participate in their learning.

-        We expect our students to be responsible for missed work when absent.

-        We expect our students to use their agenda daily as a tool for success.



-        We expect our students to respect themselves, others, the school and learning.



-        We expect our students to tell the truth.

-        We expect our students to be dependable, accountable and to take ownership of their actions.

-        We expect our students to do the right thing and to speak up when they see things around them that they know are wrong.



-        We expect our students to always do their personal best.

-        We expect our students to be punctual and arrive on time.



-        We expect our students to think about how their actions affect others.


We understand that these qualities must be developed and that measures must be put into place when problem behaviors occur.




AEROSOLS:  As aerosols are irritants for many people, they may not be used at school.  This applies particularly to body sprays and deodorants like AXE body spray.


-        causing harm to another person by hurting him/her with physical force or with hurtful/taunting words

-        hitting, pushing, tripping, intimidating, threatening, punching, name calling, intentionally blocking the path of another student, etc.

By law (Bill 56) the Intervention Protocol on Bullying and Violence must be applied to any form of bullying or violence.



Attending class is one of the major factors contributing to success at school.  Students should always attempt to miss as few classes as possible.
If a student is absent, a parent must call the school at 418-335-5366 before classes begin to inform the school.



If a student arrives at any time during the day after school has begun, the student must report to the office to check in to school. A slip will be issued which the student should present to the teacher upon arriving in class.



If a student has a scheduled appointment and must leave school before the end of the day, the student must advise the office of their departure.



-        Students must not be in possession of any knife or sharp instrument at school, or any other dangerous object/implement. Bringing any of these types of objects to school creates an unsafe environment.



-        Students are expected to maintain the quality of their environment at school.  Actions that lead to the destruction of school property in any way are not acceptable.



Driver’s education classes must be scheduled outside of the regular school day hours.  Courses scheduled at lunch must be ended in time to return before the start of period 3.



Possession of drugs, alcohol or any related paraphernalia (refer to CQSB policy) is not accepted at school and will lead to suspension.



Electronic devices (cell phones, MP3 players, etc.) are not permitted in class and will be confiscated unless the device is being used with the permission of the teacher. They should not be brought to assemblies unless permission has been given by the school. Repeated misuse will lead to the loss of electronic privileges at school.  Students must not use their personal devices to play games that are inappropriate for a school environment.



Energy drinks are not permitted on school grounds.



In all instances, students and parents should consider that the end of terms and the end of semesters are critical times for evaluation.


The introduction of extended examinations and learning evaluation situations at all grade levels makes consistent student attendance critical during the evaluation period.


Absences during the midterm and end of year evaluation periods (January, May and June) can only be excused for valid reasons following a meeting with the school administration.


Accommodation will be made only for students with a valid absence during an evaluation period. Students with unjustified or invalid absences during those periods will be marked accordingly by classroom teachers.  There is a high probability every year that end of year exams begin as early as mid-April (FSL and ELA).  Students must be in school every day during the evaluation periods, as the student’s success will depend on consistent attendance during these time periods.  Most importantly, no accommodations are possible following absences during June exams.  Students will automatically be registered to re-write exams at the end of July.







Homework is assigned to follow-up on classwork, or to prepare for subsequent classes.  It is assigned as part of the learning process and thus the expectation is that homework will be completed on time. For incomplete homework, students will be assigned to the homework room every day until the assignment is handed in.



Disrespect of Authority

-        Talking in a disrespectful manner to a school staff member

-        Refusing to follow directions from a school staff member

-        Refusing to speak English in class

-        Ignoring school rules and procedures

All members of the school community are expected to live in an environment of mutual respect, which is completely incompatible with insubordination.



Students are allowed to leave school grounds only if parents have signed the permission slip for them to do so.


Students are expected to behave appropriately and safely when off school grounds.  They are also responsible for returning to school on time.  Failure to respect these guidelines will result in the loss of exit privileges.


Students who leave the school in another student’s car should ensure they have permission from their parents as this is done at their own risk.



Lockers are on loan to students and must be treated respectfully.  This includes not entering or tampering with other students’ lockers.

The administration has the authority to open and search contents of lockers if circumstances warrant such a procedure.

Lockers should be kept locked at all times, and students should refrain from sharing their combinations.  The protection of school items such as textbooks is always the responsibility of each student.



Participation in extra-curricular activities and organized team sports is a privilege. If a student is suspended from school, he/she may be suspended from any extra-curricular activity or organized sporting event that takes place during the time of the suspension. Additionally, administration may restrict students from participating in extra-curricular activities including organized sports as a consequence for unacceptable behavior.



Participation in school wide activities is expected throughout the year and skipping an activity may lead to forfeiting the privilege of attending the year end trip regardless of any fundraising that was done.



Most students are academically honest and work hard to develop their research and writing skills in order to present their own ideas. Claiming someone else’s work as your own, including information found on the internet is plagiarism, and is a serious academic offence that carries a heavy penalty as students move through their academic careers.  Students found plagiarizing will have to restart the assignment in the homework room, and will attend during lunches until the work is complete.  Parents will also be notified by the teacher.


How to avoid plagiarism

Make sure you acknowledge the source of all information, ideas, images, and works you use in your school assignments. Beware of using the “copy/paste” feature on your computer, as this can lead directly to plagiarism.


When do I use citations and parenthetical references?

•When you use the exact words of the author.

•When you paraphrase the ideas of the author (even if you have made many changes to the original text).

•When you use statistical information.

•When you use another person’s images, film clips or music.



•Submitting another person’s work as your own is plagiarism.

•Changing a few words from another source is plagiarism and not your own work.

•Paraphrasing by changing many words but presenting the ideas as your own is plagiarism.

•Cutting and pasting from internet sources and essays or another student’s work is plagiarism.

•Cite your sources and avoid plagiarism.



-        Students are expected to be punctual at all time during a school day.  If a student is late, he/she must report to the office to receive a late slip before being allowed back in class. If no person is in the office at this time, the student should go immediately to their class.  The teacher will record the late arrival. Repeated lateness will result in a meeting with the principal and parents if necessary.



Many important notices and permission slips go home that must be returned with a parent signature.  Failure to return the slip in a timely manner (two days) causes our secretary unnecessary work and time. It is a student’s responsibility to have notices signed and returned upon request, and demonstrates respect for our school secretary.



Students who have

-        been having behavior issues OR

-        have received 2 suspensions and who are not showing any improvement in their behavior OR

-        have shown a lack of effort academically


may forfeit the privilege of attending school outings with their class regardless of any fundraising that was done. Any money fundraised will go toward the trip or activity it was intended for.


***Any student who is in possession of alcohol or drugs / drug paraphernalia during a school outing may be sent home immediately at the expense of the parents.  The decision will be made by the trip chaperones based on the circumstances.



A Secondary 5 Graduation is a school event.  As such, we encourage parents to keep the event alcohol free for ASJ students and anyone under the age of 18.



-        As stated earlier, attending class is one of the major factors contributing to success at school. Skipping classes inhibits a student’s learning and is therefore not an acceptable choice. Students will have to recover any material or work missed during homework detention, and parents will be notified.



All drivers are expected to be highly vigilant and respectful while on school property.  Parking at school is a privilege. All drivers are expected to enter and exit school property undistracted and at safe speeds.



If a student would like to bring a guest to school, the student must obtain advance permission from all of their teachers for the given day. A form must be picked up at the office and signed by each teacher. Student guests who do not have permission to be on school grounds will be asked politely to leave.



All textbooks and library books are the property of A.S. Johnson High School. They are loaned to students for a prescribed period or for the duration of their course.


Textbooks or library books that are lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear will have to be replaced at the expense of the student.


Students can incur late fees for library books not returned on time at a rate of 10 cents per day per book. Parents will be notified and their assistance requested when a situation becomes unreasonable.




-        Students are expected to use the computer room in a respectful way.  This includes how they treat the computer hardware, the computer room, as well as all the activities they undertake on the computers themselves.

-        Food and/or drinks are not allowed in the computer room.

-        The computer room is open only when supervised by a staff member or a secondary 5 student on scheduled supervision.

-        Students are not permitted to download or install any program on a computer.  If a student is unsure of their right to use a given online application, they should consult with the supervising teacher.

-        If a student experiences a technical problem on his/her computer, he/she must report it immediately to the supervising staff member and must never try to fix the problem by himself/herself.

-        Students must ask permission to the supervising staff member in order to print.

-        Any student not using the computer room in a respectful way may lose computer privileges for a time determined by the principal and school team.



-        Lunch detentions may be assigned by staff for a variety of reasons.  The student will be advised of his/her detention, and it becomes their responsibility to attend their detention.  If a student is unable to attend an assigned detention for a valid reason, they must make arrangements with their teacher or the office. When a student skips a detention, they will be assigned to spend a lunch period in the company of the school principal.



-        Not handing in assigned work is not an option.  Homework detentions are assigned to complete school work and are held in the detention room. The atmosphere should be that of a study area.

-        Students are to arrive at 12:00 and work until 12:30.  If they do not complete their work in the assigned time, they should complete the work at home during the evening.  If the work is not finished by the next day, the student will be reassigned to the homework room at lunch. This will be repeated until the work is completed in a satisfactory way (the student demonstrates that they have learned the required elements).  If the student is unable to complete the work, they must discuss their need for help with their teacher.




In the spirit of respect both for themselves and others, and with the understanding that appropriate attire is dependent on the situation, the dress code expectations for ASJ students are listed below:


-        All skirts, skorts, shorts and dresses must reach mid-thigh at least.

-        All shirts and sweaters must cover the stomach area completely at all times while sitting or standing.  Boys 'muscle shirts' must have smaller sized arm holes.

-        Headgear such as hats and caps may be worn as the students walk to their lockers upon arriving at school, and from their lockers while leaving school.  They should be left in lockers at all other times.

-        Shorts must reach at least mid-thigh.

-        All shirts and sweaters must have logos that are appropriate for school. Inappropriate slogans and logos that promote violence, racism, disrespect, and drugs and alcohol are not permitted. Sexually explicit content is also not permitted. 

-        Wearing jewelry depicting drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted.


If a student is dressed inappropriately, they will be sent to the office and given an opportunity to change.  This may include wearing clothing loaned by the office (different shirt, shorts, belt).  Repeated inappropriate clothing will result in a meeting with parents to address the situation.

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